Mute Screamer 0.58

This release added support for automatic updates from, this means you don’t have to wait for Mute Screamer to be updated to get the latest rules and converter for PHPIDS.

The update process will check for changes to default_filter.xml and Converter.php. If an update is found it will be displayed on the Updates page in the WordPress admin.

As we are updating Mute Screamer core files we want to be very careful about what is to be updated. That is why when going through the update process you will be shown a diff of the changes to be applied to either default_filter.xml and/or Converter.php.

This lets you see exactly what is going to be changed and gives you a chance to review the changes to make sure they are legit. It was also a good excuse to use the diff engine included in WordPress that is used for comparing post revisions. As always have a backup of your site before running any updates.

Download Mute Screamer

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